Mythology of The Event

Still under construction...

Here is my current theory, or should I say hypothesis, based on what we have seen on The Event.

Sophia and "The Sleepers" are parallel to "The Watchers" mentioned in the Book of Enoch. The Watchers are fallen angels, who mate with the daughters of man, much like many male Sleepers have married female humans. We've yet to see female Sleepers marry human males, but I don't think that is important.

So, we know that these Sleepers have had kids in this generation, but the Sleepers have been living among us for 66 years. That's roughly four generations, assuming babies at 22, so a child born today could, in theory, have her your great-great-grandfather a Sleeper: A baby born from a 22-year old, with a 44-year old grandmother, a 66-year old great-grandmother and an 88-year old great-great-grandmother who mated/married a Sleeper, assuming she had the hybrid child at 22.

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