Here is your most important task today...

Marc Graboff is the man. He's the president of NBC West Coast and Universal Media Studios, and from my research, he is the person who can decide whether or not we see The Event return as a movie or mini-series.

His Twitter is @mgraboff, and based on the pattern I see for NBC Universal email addresses, his email address should be: If you want The Event back, send him an email, and do it TODAY. We can't waste anymore time.

Remember, be courteous. Be respectful. Be polite. Ask nicely, but be enthusiastic. Speak from the heart. Tell him why he should bring The Event back.


  1. Brian,
    Thanks for your efforts with the letter writing campaign.

    I think we may be writing the wrong people based on the way that the recently canceled soaps All My Children and One Life to Live managed to get picked up by Hulu. Hulu didn't buy the shows directly. Instead, a company called Prospect Park licensed the shows from ABC and then Hulu picked up the shows from Prospect. The cast will remain the same on both shows, but they will be exclusively internet showings. See

    I think we need to get a bug in the ear of Nick Wauters et al to see if he can find a company like Prospect Park to do the same for The Event. Surely, The Event is a potentially more profitable endeavor....

    Just saying there may be more than one way to approach this...

  2. Thanks. I intend on leaving no stone left unturned by the time this fight ends. "Round 2" of The Event for The Event will take place on Monday, July 18th, and we'll go bigger and bolder with our efforts to bring back The Event.