Welcome to The Event Fanatic Website!

Hello, and welcome to my new website!

I decided to create this blog to promote, talk about and discuss NBC's series The Event, which has become my favorite show on television! Specifically, the intent of this blog is to try to figure out what The Event is, by assembling clues from the show, website content on nbc.com and the show's official conspiracy blog truthseeker5314.com, as well as research I've done and theories I've seen proposed elsewhere.

I'm creating this blog a little late in season 1, after episode 15 ("Face Off") aired in North America earlier this week, to help promote the show, which is in a bit of an underdog position right now for renewal for a season 2. I want to do whatever I can, so I figured I'd start with this blog, as well as my Twitter account - @TheEventFanatic. I want to try to make sense of the show for loyal fans, viewers who maybe watched the show at the start and are tuning back in, wanting to figure out what's been going on since, and those just discovering the show for the first time.

I also want to publish what I have pieced together mythology and theories myself and several others have been piecing together in order to figure out what's going on, in the hope of hyping the show. Ratings aren't what they could be, but a buzz seems to be building after "Face Off" and I'm hoping the fans can get word of mouth out there and boost ratings so The Event will be renewed by NBC for a season 2.

I've got a podcast, which has been dormant in recent months, called CFConversations, which covers the ColdFusion programming language and related topics. I also have a personal blog and a Twitter account - @coofuushun, if you want to follow me. I may start recording bits for other podcasts, and if the show picks up for a season 2, who knows, perhaps I'll join a podcast or start one of my own...