My Current Theory

This post is a work in progress... new update on 4/6.

I'll try to give you the short version of what I think The Event is, and what I think is being represented.

To try to understand and predict The Event, I've been doing a lot of research on the End Times as written in the Book of Revelation, Book of Enoch (not considered canon by most religious sects) and several other texts, both in the Bible and out. I'm not looking for a one-to-one mapping as much as looking for a rough correlation of how The Event might be a modern telling of the End Times, from what I am guessing is a non-denominational, non-religious perspective. Here's my interpretation so far.

My current theory is that the aliens are angels, what the Bible and the Book of Enoch called "The Watchers", and those that assimilated into society, the "Sleepers", are fallen angels. They created alien/human offspring, or what the Bible calls the "Nephilim", which, according to what is in the Book of Enoch, destroy the world. Now, I haven't figured out HOW they destroy the world yet, but if Nick Wauters and the writing team are telling a modern version of this story, the Nephilim destroy the world.

Alternate Theory: The aliens are not angels, but are, in fact, the Nephilim.

The aliens have come to Earth, it seems, to observe, or at least that was their initial purpose. We know from episode 1 ("I Haven't Told You Everything") that the aliens know of "The Event", which we can theorize it is something that changes the world forever. We can assume it's in a negative way, or at least we can interpret it as such, because Simon says that they could at least prepare if Martinez was told. We know the aliens have a Star Trek-like "Prime Directive", where they are not supposed to effect the natural evolution of this planet. However, Thomas and the Sleepers violated this Prime Directive while Sophia and the detainees were locked up in Inostranka for the past 66 years. They advanced our technology, and one could say polluted our history, and even our genetic pool. As of episodes 14-16, the aliens have abandoned this Prime Directive and are planning to bring down all two billion of their people in a very short amount of time. Now, they knew about "The Event", but they are still bringing down their people. The Earth can't handle an extra two billion people all at once. This is war. However, this doesn't explain "The Event". Could this be "another event" or just an advancement of what the event was, just a lot faster and a lot less gradual than what they were expecting. That also doesn't explain Sophia's original plan to bring everyone home.

We know that the aliens and humans are close enough genetically that inter-species mating is possible. In fact, it seems to be common. We have yet to see alien females mating with human males. I assume we'll know if that's possible in future episodes.

The aliens are what humans have referred to over history as angels. As our religious texts would indicate, angels have watched over us. If we take what Dempsey has said as truth, the aliens have been with us for some time. If that is the case, it is most likely that aliens and humans have been making hybrids for thousands of years. In other words, it's likely that we're all hybrids.

In the Bible, angels who mated with human females created giants called Nephilim. In the cave drawing, the large figure shown in the drawing could be a giant, and we're lead to believe that the human figures in the drawings are "guardian angels."

SPOILER ALERT: From the coming on episode 16, we can see that Martinez is going to have Senator Lewis to perform DNA tests on the White House staff. What I am guessing is that the results will come back to indicate we all have alien DNA. I haven't figured out why The First Lady might not be willing to take the test, except to ask "what does it matter?"

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